Top Six Things I Learned in 2013

This year, I spent most of my time learning and growing. I have come a long way, personally and professionally, and I still have a very long and exciting road ahead of me.

I spent a huge amount of my time presenting and preparing for my business, connecting with some old high school friends who I haven’t spent quality time with for many years, continued my connections with some favorite friends here and there, visiting with family, attending grandkid events, meeting new people who guided me along the way, of course, spending much of my time with hubby, and all the while redefining who I am and what I see for my future.

While it has been a wild ride, it hasn’t gone without some complications and pain; some of which came from my own self-discovery.

What I’ve learned in 2013 extends far and wide, but I will hit some of the highlights for you:

1) When someone’s acting out of character, badly, consider their pain body and try not to take it personally.

2) Reflect on you and what you offer every relationship. Know if you are bringing your best self and be open to how you can improve.

3) Don’t beat yourself up when you fall back into your old habits. Pick yourself back up and start again. Many times, no one is keeping count except for you. Deciding that you’re a failure allows you to quit. Don’t accept it; pick up where you left off and let it go.

4) Meditation is what you want it to be. The key is to allot ten or twenty minutes a day…just for you. Schedule it, set a soft alarm for it, a reminder…whatever works. Morning, noon, or night works: all three can be done. The more, the better. Sit, stand, lay..I only think it matters to you. You have only yourself to answer to.

Make it quiet, use a meditation CD, a sound machine, or music without words to make your time special for you. The goal is to get out of your head and into your spirit. For me, a quiet morning with only my breath to focus on works, or sitting in nature listening to the sounds around me are helpful. I notice the beauty in that moment…and I stay out of my head. No thoughts are allowed in these moments because it is about reaching inside…not upstairs in your head with your thoughts. You can visualize the deepness in your dog’s eyes or see the beauty in a flower without speaking words in your head. It’s doable!

5) I believe God drives my journey. I have choices I’m supposed to make based on what my instincts tell me. That instinct, gut feeling, is what we have always been told to listen to, and many times we don’t. I have recognized that I am constantly making choices and I don’t fret as long or as hard because I’ve accepted that I am making the choice…good or bad.

6) I am attracting what is happening in my life. Somehow, someway… I am a magnet to it. I don’t always understand how that’s happening, I only know that it is.

In order to attract more positive I have taken on a new habit. I work every day to see what I want out of life, and more importantly what I have, and find the gratitude in that.

As 2014 approaches, I am certain that my learning curve is not over, but only picking up speed. I look forward to the journey, and can’t wait to share my insights, from then and now, with others who are on a journey of self-discovery.

Take this time to share what you have learned this year. What gifts did 2013 offer you? It’s very possible that we will learn something new from you!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

Kimberly Mitchell
Author of Loving with Purpose

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