2 responses to ““Being humble is one of the best quality traits a person can hold.” ~ Loving with Purpose

  1. This is a great starting point for discussion. What is ‘true’ humility? Does being humble mean one does not love oneself or see one’s true value? OR does it mean one sees the love that each person is, knowing there is no hierarchy of someone being more loving than others?

    • For me, I like to think that being humble relates to your comment about no hierarchy. Being loved or being successful are two that come to mind when thinking about the subject of being humble.

      An example might be when someone views their fame or fortune as about them versus for the greater good. For the singer, the song should be for the listener, not how much fame the singer receives. For the business person, making a quality product or offering great service should be their primary focus. When success (what I like to call blessings) is in our midst, we must remain aware of our purpose.

      In love, being spiteful, hurtful, or any other act that creates focus on self, in turn makes that love lose its quality. I can’t remember it, but there is a song or quote about love wasn’t created to keep to oneself, but to give it away. 🙂 I think if we could turn our bitter moments around and focus on the other person involved, we might be able to lose the negativity and refocus our efforts. Hmmmm….food for thought.

      I believe that if success or love becomes about oneself, the true intent of the blessing falls short, and eventually discontinues when taken for granted. It may not seem so, when you look at the world as it stands, some are much more successful or loved by many, but I truly believe that we reap what we sow and in time, and with the right humble attitude, we all see our blessings. Knowing that we are all God’s children and there are no favorites helps me to remember that truth.

      As I receive each and every gift that comes my way, I am in constant reminder that God is blessing me in the moment. I search for the lessons, live with a genuine heart, and pray for the best.

      Thanks for commenting, Dan. I love sharing and receiving.


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