Loving with Purpose by Becoming More Aware of your Connections

Kim Mitchell shares insights from experience and offering the good toward the bad. Loving with Purpose supports you to reach new heights in your personal and business relationships by changing how you look at your connections.

“Every moment that you decide to be more aware to what goes on around you,

you are more awake. Every time you bring yourself back into that moment,

you are choosing to be conscious…purposeful.

Whether you are dating, in a marriage, or with your family,

being able to bring your best self to the situation is a blessing for all.

Be a good example of what it means to live in the moment, and

show others how to see beauty in the simple things.

Decide that you want to live this way—being more aware.

Believe that you can enhance your relationships—through YOU!”

-Kimberly Mitchell

“A relationship book that really works!”

Loving with Purpose gives women and their relationships a BIG BOOST in the love and caring department by having them take a look at their choices. The choices in their dating, marriage, with their kids, friends…even their finances!

Realize how YOU can create a new outcome by becoming more aware. You can literally become your own personal CHANGE AGENT.

Learn fun and easy ways to make your life and your relationships run smoother simply by loving with purpose.

What is so awesome about Loving with Purpose is that as you begin your journey of personal development, you simultaneously make your partner, family, and friends feel special in the process.

Have a better connection and receive more love and tenderness in your relationships, all while growing personally. As you walk through the pages, you can get excited as you anticipate the changes you can put in place right now.

Read from cover to cover or one section at a time…either way you get the message…to create the changes you desire.

Get Your Copy of Loving with Purpose Today!


For as low as $4.95 you get the book, along with your choice of any of the exercises in full-size pdf format…easier to complete and copy!

To learn more, simply subscribe to my website or check out my book, Loving with Purpose at www.lovingwithpurpose.org.

Also, ask about Kim’s coaching, blogging, and upcoming seminar titled Expect to be Respected. CONNECT https://kimmitchellrelationshipadvice.wordpress.com/follow-me/

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