Cincinnati is Honoring Women this Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2013

Contemporary Arts Center PRESS RELEASE

Valet Coffee is proud to Honor Women this Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013 from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, by highlighting several of Cincinnati’s local life coaches and authors. What better place to do that than in the heart of the city at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC)—a museum founded by three young women nearly 75 years ago, and now housed in a world-famous building designed by a woman! The event is free, open to the public, offers music and refreshments, and is right inside the CAC lobby doors. Please join us as we celebrate women!

There are tools and techniques from the coaches and authors that are helpful for women to create and care for themselves and their families more consciously. There will be book signings, workshop and coaching information, music to surround you, along with other items to browse and buy.

To offer their support to women everywhere, Valet Coffee and the other participants will share a portion of their proceeds with The American Heart Association, in anticipation of helping families create healthier lives. You can show your support by buying a cup of coffee or smoothie, a book, sessions with one of the coaches, or simply by dropping by the CAC.

Honoring Women Event

Honoring Women on Valentine's Day
Contemporary Arts Center

(located in the Lois and Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art)

44 East Sixth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

(513) 721-0390

Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

9:00 am – 1:30 pm

Offering music, pastries, soothing beverages, and other goodies

Hearts off to the following participants: CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE OF THE CAC PRESS RELEASE

Kimberly Mitchell, local author and Life Coach, shares her book, Loving with Purpose—a book that speaks directly to a woman about her choices; choices in dating or marriage, with her kids, friends…even her finances. Loving with Purpose is a new, effective guide with practical, empowering tools for women who want to make continuous improvements on themselves and their relationships. Kim also shares her upcoming program, Expect to be Respected, which will be available mid-2013. Her goal—to see palpable change in the way people treat each other.

Pam Rettig, CPC, Certified Professional Coach, is the owner of Well Being and Abundance in business since 2006. Pam’s job as your personal Life Coach is to help you get more out of your life, career, and relationships – and help you move from “Status Quo” to GREAT! A light goes on and suddenly you start to know clarity. Emerging into clarity is an amazing process and Pam is proficient in helping you attain this goal. Learn about the amazing ways she has helped so many people fulfill their dreams.

Gretchen M. Fox, co-author of Raising A Child’s Awareness: An Educator’s Guide to Happier and Empowered Children (with Gina McCormick), is a certified Life Coach and SRT Consultant whose passion is to guide you to a fuller, more positive life by helping you take responsibility for your own happiness—from children to adults. Her book offers easy to learn and fun to do processes that help to change your thoughts and feelings, with lessons on self-empowerment and positivity. An important guide for child, teacher, and parent alike, Raising a Child’s Awareness is a must-have for anyone interested in implementing lifelong lessons in happiness and personal power. Gretchen shares her book, along with information on other products and services.

Angela Serna, Professional Life Coach and Workshop Leader, “Inspiring People to Live Happier, Healthier, and more Successful Lives,” is a certified Heal Your Life Coach and Workshop leader providing people with simple yet powerful tools to take their own power back to create the change that they want in their lives. She helps them to understand that they have a choice to choose a better life. People’s lives are transformed by uncovering the mindset that limits success in their relationships, career, health, and prosperity. The techniques she uses guides people toward a realization of their own power, inner wisdom, and strengths.

Betty Finney, author of Growing Young, offers Seven keys to maintaining your youth. She believes that Growing Young is a journey; a way that creates a shift from aging to ageless. Especially in the world today, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to receive this gift! Discover vibrant excitement and a place where creativity, joy, fulfillment, and timelessness are the norm. The cost of the book is only $14.00. You can reach Betty via email at

Marifran Korb, Life Coach and author of BREAKING THROUGH THE CONCRETE – The Gift of Having Mentally Ill Parents, found the treasure of transforming from victim to victor. With a depressed father and a manic-depressive, schizophrenic mother, her authentic, personal story moves from surviving to thriving. Her story relates to the storms and stresses inherent in surviving such a life. Knowing she is not alone in her experience, she wrote the book for those who grew up in the similar shadows of hidden verbal and physical abuse. Besides seeing the challenges, Marifran demonstrates the opportunity and advantage in the adversity. In some ways, it is everyone’s story.

Marilynn Ritter, owner of Valet Coffee, helps bring charm and coziness to important occasions like wedding receptions, private and corporate events, celebrations, grand openings, showing client/employee appreciation and much more. Yes, she brings her full service, fully mobile espresso and smoothie bars to you, where her baristas will bring the taste and feel of an authentic European coffee house. Valet Coffee’s mobile espresso and smoothie bars are one of Greater Cincinnati’s best marketing tools. She is proud to announce that, in addition to offering her tasty drinks at events, she has opened a location in downtown Cincinnati! Come and visit Valet Coffee in the lobby of the Contemporary Arts Center from 8am-12:00pm Mon–Fri. She looks forward to serving you!  859-409-1628

Dan Erdman’s classical style guitar, Native American flute, keyboard, & vocal performances soothe the soul, creating an oasis of rejuvenation for life’s journey. In his education & varied jobs as Musician, Teacher, Principal, Author, Publisher, IT professional, YOGA instructor, and Spiritual Companion, the kindness & wisdom of children & adults have inspired composition of 60+ songs. Read more about Dan at

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