Ultimate Guide to Dating and Relationship Advice: 32 Experts – 70 Articles

Kimberly Mitchell, author of Loving with Purpose, is ONE of thirty-two experts highlighted in the new guide…

Ultimate Guide to Dating & Relationship Advice: 32 Experts – 70 Articles

Ultimate Guide to Dating & Relationships_Here’s a bit about the author and the guide…

Book Description

One-stop guide for your love life. A comprehensive compilation of relationship and dating advice from 32 experts including Ph.D.s, psychiatrists, psychologists, Life Coaches and other relationship gurus. Includes 70 articles covering a broad range of topics: How to find a the right person and develop a lasting relationship, How to prepare yourself for the world of dating, Body language that reveals true intent, What do woman look for in a future mate vs. what men look for, How are men and woman wired differently, How to write a profile for online dating, Safety tips, Warning Signs and lots of other great information and advice that most people may not be aware of.

About the Author

Trace Burroughs is an author, film and animation producer with 6 published books. Interviewed on dozens of radio and television talk shows, including David Frost. A divorced man of 3 years, after a 24 year marriage. He dealt with the dating scene first hand for those years both online and off. He realized that finding the right partner is not always an easy task and was inspired to publish a book that tried to cover the entire gamut of dating and relationship advice. He researched the subject by studying hundreds of articles by psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, and other experts and picked the best advice and tips and compiled it in this book.


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