Your Intended Goals

Have you ever thought about a GOAL list being a necessity? If you haven’t, please reconsider.

A goal list is actually your INTENTION list…and when you put your intentions out there, chances are that what you intend becomes YOUR reality.

Create a vision board or make a list, focus on it regularly, and speak the things you want into your life. Wait for what you want with anticipation and thrill. YES, always live in the moment, and continue to live your life, but get excited about the prospects of what is coming your way. You don’t have to know all of the details of how or when something will occur…just hold onto the big idea that ‘it’ is coming.

Want a better relationship? Speak it…act it…BE it.

Want to have a great date? Expect it, know it, show it.

Want a new, even better, job? Pray for it, look for it, yearn for it.

Whatever it is that you want, EXPECT that you will have it.

The sky’s the limit.


As you already knew before reading this, not everything you want or expect will come to fruition, but you most certainly have a better chance of getting what you want WHEN that is your INTENTION.

So stand up against the idea that you shouldn’t have ANY expectations. Have those expectations for you, your life today, and for your future.

Start being aware…enough that you search for the meaning of what is going on in the moment. Those simple moments, like the unexpected phone call or meeting, the delay in traffic that makes you miss your appointment time, the relationship that didn’t work, or the guy or gal who got away. Everything is being done for your own good. I know, sometimes in life it doesn’t feel that way, but you have to trust that what YOU are putting out there, and what God wants for you, is happening in the exact order it is meant. YOU keeping a positive attitude allows God to continue to work wonder in your life.

I see it, experience it, and live with His and my intentions every day. Since I am only human, I stumble, even fall at times, and it took a while for me to ‘get it,’ but I know it to be true. You have to put your best self out there and pay mind to what’s IN your mind.

Happy today…even more tomorrow.

Kimberly Mitchell

To learn more about being self-aware, intentions, and success in dating, marriage, with your kids, friendships…even finances, check out my book, Loving with Purpose.

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