Learn How to Say “Thank You” in Many Different Languages

Now there’s no excuse for not being gracious.


Learn how to say “thank you” in so many ways. Just pick the language and offer thanks to someone who deserves your gratitude.

This is what goes at the bottom of all my emails. By all means, copy and paste it into yours. The more thanks that goes around, the more that comes around.

Thanks!  Cheers!  Ciao!  Gracias!  Merci!  Danke Sehr! Shukran!  Grazias! Terimakasih! Au Revoir! Arrivedeci! Adios! Dank Je!  Vinaka Vakalevu! Xie Xie! Kamsahapneda! Chnorhagal Yem! Efharisto!  Spasibo!  Obrigada!  Con Mucho Gusto! Avec Plaisir! Mit Vergnûgen! Con Piacere! Arigatogozaimashita! Xiexie! A Ri Ga To! Domo Arrigato! Hvala!  Salamat!


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