“What’s Your Purpose?”

2 responses to ““What’s Your Purpose?”

  1. I have asked that question before, I know I have asked it more then once. But I know that there has to be a purpose…and to be honest with you. I am sure glad that Jesus did connected me, rather it be good or bad….It was to help me be who I am this day. So LORD I say thank You…. keep Connecting me….:)

    • What a great attitude toward any negative that came your way! Love you sharing that with me. Thank you!

      I totally agree with you that there is/was a reason for our blessings and even what we feel are our misfortunes. I spend some of my time looking back to see what the purpose was on some occasions so I don’t miss anything.

      My goal with the post is to be aware enough to ask God the question, “Why is this person before me? What is my lesson?”

      I absolutely love what I have learned by looking at each person that way. It thrills me to no end when I see the connection. 🙂

      Keep sharing sister!

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