THE RESULTS OF NEGATIVITY–Read This Section and More in My Book, Loving with Purpose

Negative behavior also changes the person who is mistreating you. Somewhere along the way these negative souls may have lost their way and rarely check in to see how their behavior affects others. A person might bring their work role, such as a warden or a police officer, to a social setting where he continues to reprimand or police the person he’s talking to. If not because of a work role, perhaps they are a victim of a victim, continually being disrespectful or dishonest to others. They have been playing the tapes for so long, they’re now on autopilot. They just do what they do. Then they justify their actions with excuses or defiance.

Moreover, negative circumstances change your culture. Each and every time you have to endure a negative situation you’re affected in some way. When you go out into the world with that chip on your shoulder or with the pain from past woes, you take all that with you. If you’re not aware of this baggage, you have the capability to ruin another person’s day if they step in your way.

Dealing with optimistic people and circumstances is always the best solution, but, of course, that’s not always possible. When dealing with negativity, it’s important to know that these situations can mold your character slightly by altering your spirit in that moment, or radically, by changing how you operate or manage your standards. Most times, you just get past the unconstructive interaction and move on to the next moment of time.

An example comes from years ago, when I met a guy while swimming at my father’s pool. He lived in a residential condominium with a community pool. Almost immediately, I was attracted to this man…. To read the rest of this story and to get techniques and tips on how to handle negativity, please check out Loving with Purpose’s book by clicking HERE.

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