Cincy Chic Magazine Features Kimberly Mitchell and Loving with Purpose

Check it out! Loving with Purpose and I were featured in Cincy Chic’s magazine, September 24th edition!

I am so appreciative of the new-found buzz going on with Loving with Purpose. From television and radio interviews, a feature in a magazine, to word of mouth, the message is getting out!

Now, more and more couples have enriched their relationships with the valuable content of conscious loving. Women, who were receiving less than they deserve, are now learning how to get what they desire using simple, practical techniques and tools. Nationwide, people are realizing their self-worth!

If you don’t want to miss out on a happier, more loving life, see what Loving with Purpose is all about…and be amazed how the smallest of events, behaviors, and choices change who and what you have in life.

While my book has been on the shelf for over two years, in the last few months she (my book) has found her success. I have been so blessed. On my journey, I’ve met a ton of awesome, smart, intelligent women, shared Loving with Purpose at many events (and to a lot of people), and I’m experiencing my blessings one right after the other. All I can say is “thank you, God.” I see His work through so many amazing people who are willing to open their hearts and minds to what Loving with Purpose has to offer. Without their generosity and open hearts, Loving with Purpose would not be on as many shelves as it is now. I will never forget how it started; not to mention, each step that it has taken on the path. It’s my baby!

Loving with Purpose ~ Where to find the book

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