Passing God’s Test


Is God testing the quality in you? You may not like your circumstance, but maybe it’s an opportunity for you to grow.

“God uses the people in our life; our spouse, our children, our friends, to show us areas we need to improve in. The key is to look inside and say, ‘God, how can I change? Can I learn to be more patient, more understanding, more forgiving?’ Don’t ever ask God to change somebody else without first asking God to change you. This is only a test. If you’ll start ruling over your emotions, exercising self-control, before long those buttons won’t work anymore. They can push all they want, it doesn’t affect you. They didn’t change, but you changed. You let God refine you. What happened? Your quality came up higher. Every time you overlook an offense, you’re passing the test.” ~ Joel Osteen

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