Breast Cancer and Prader-Willi Syndrome: How Much Can One Family Take?

“Breast cancer for me and a syndrome for my young son? Seriously! Oh, let’s not forget the rest of my family members who most are cancer victims, too! Geez!”

For most of us, the news of a family going through so much devastation is overwhelming to imagine. Breast cancer showing itself over a half-dozen times in just a few family members; then, if that isn’t enough, let add Prader-Willi Syndrome for the small son while we’re at it.

Imagine, the child, diagnosed as an infant, with such a sweet disposition, considering what he goes through every single day, offers a conversation filled with joy. All the while, mom continues to fight for her life after surgery and chemotherapy; not to mention, the surgery yet to come for her. How does one young woman have so much strength to continue? To know what she endures on a daily basis, how does she stand so strong?

Family and friends are key components to a person’s well-being; especially during times of need. If she didn’t have the support of others, how would she continue to do what needs to be done…on her own? From undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, to paying the bills, and finding the strength to care for a little one with special needs; this woman must have help. If she didn’t have a mother who loved her with everything she has (mind you, having cancer herself), if she didn’t have other family and friends who stood next to her during her struggle for good health, she may not survive the fight.

We step back and realize how grateful we are that no one in our family has these life-threatening ailments, or at least not at the same time! Simply said, we’re glad we are not in their shoes. Most people can’t even conceive the idea of going through all the hardships they have already; not to mention, what they will continue to go through in the future. Then back to our daily lives we go, as if nothing has changed.

Here is what has changed. We now know. We know what is going on in just one family, we understand a bit more about a syndrome that many of us have never even heard of before, and we continue to live life just as we had before. They do not. They continue on; fighting their battle for life. Imagine how many other families are in need…of you!

So, do we stand up and help someone in need, give more of what we have to aid a person in need of some disease or illness, and do we stand before God, showing gratitude for the health of our own family and friends? Let’s hope so. For deciding to just go back to the same way of living, without giving of ourselves in some way is ludicrous. Something must be done; actions in our waking hours that make a difference in someone else’s life; even the smallest of gesture can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

If you don’t have the money, give of yourself. If you don’t have yourself to give, then give of your voice. Think of someone or something that you can help. What do you have to offer? We all have a gift to give. What is yours?

As for family and friends, remember this: the next time you decide to turn your back on a family member or friend, keep in mind, that not only might they need you down the road, you might need them in the future…to stand by your side in a time of need, to offer a shoulder to cry on, or a hand to hold. Replacements may or may not be available to you when you decide you need them. You have to pay attention now to the fact that having someone who loves you, near you, is a blessing. You may not want to throw away those blessings so easily.

So go out into the world and be a blessing to someone, and if you would like to help others with Prader-Willi, check out their national site. If you would like to help this particular young mother, please contact me via email. You can also check with United Way to see where you can help. Just call #221.

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