Love and Life: Time for a Change

Many of us believe that certain seasons, such as spring, are supposed to bring the idea of hope to our lives…a chance for new beginnings and opportunity.

But what if those moments bring shadow, doubt, and confusion to your situation? What if you become bored or second guess your life choices? That’s very easy to consider when you think about it, dont you think?

If change either scares you, or you put the wrong emphasis on what truly needs to change, then those emotions could be part of your past, present, or future…depending on how you look at it in the moment.

Maybe you need a change. And, maybe that change is in you.

Are you looking around you to see what, or who, needs to change? Does your life feel like its not working anymore?

Maybe, just maybe, you need to be looking in the mirror, instead of around you. Maybe the adjustment begins with you??? Just think about it…I know I do at times.

It’s easy to see what’s missing in someone else; we are good at pointing out someone else’s faults, aren’t we? And certainly sometimes you must alter your circumstances, but you have to look at the whole picture first.

What’s scarier to imagine is this: What if that link, that unhappy, unfulfilled feeling sits inside you. It truly is something missing in you; a piece that no one can fill but you? Sounds like work, doesn’t it?

If you are missing passionate moments, smiling, or laughter in your life, maybe the lack is within you! Could you ‘own’ the fire that isn’t creating a spark in your life? Just consider it. We all need to at one time or another.

Maybe you are the one holding onto past moments, or looking for someone else to make you happy.

Sorry, but you have to do that for yourself. Situations are what you make of them. You own the right, and responsibility, to do your best wherever you are; then, change and adjust as you need to.

The right change comes when you work on you. You will know what needs to happen by your ‘positive’ actions…and the reactions you receive from the positive you set forth.

Here’s the deal: do your part to put your best foot forward, and leave others to figure out their own spark. Hopefully, those sparks create fire in you…and them!

Do yourself, and others, a HUGE favor and work on you in your situation. If you focus on you, and leave the rest to what other people own, you end up on the happier side. If not in the moment, then right down the road. You see that being happy isn’t as hard as you might think.

Who knows, you might be the ignition that another one needs! It’s very possible, you know.

Best of luck in the now and in the future; enjoy whatever is right in front of you.

Happy trails!


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