Excerpt from Loving with Purpose ~ FRIEND OR FOE?

You can only have a good friend if you are a good friend. Don’t allow your friends to be taken so easily from you. Plan a night out once or twice a month; go to dinner, a movie, or bowling with your girlfriends. Not only will you have a good time, you will be a better mate when you spend some quality time with friends. The time away also gives you and your man an opportunity to miss each other. There have been many times when I’ve gone out with the girls and missed my husband by the end of the night. When I’m out clubbing with friends, the time away makes me realize how much I love my husband, and I’m glad I’m not hanging out every weekend anymore. Don’t misunderstand, I thoroughly enjoy my time with good friends; getting out and participating in girl-talk and laughter is a real treat; however, spending time at a club also makes me more thankful to have him in my life. He is a safe and loving person to come home to.

It’s very important that you choose friends who have a positive influence on you. Having optimistic, fun-loving friends will help you strike a healthy balance. Choose your friends with as careful criteria as you do a mate, and then tend to those friendships with as much care. The job of a friend can be complicated at times, but rewarding most of the time. Being a good friend requires guidelines, support, proper influence, patience, and encouragement. If your friends are supportive that you’re in a relationship, and they don’t sabotage your efforts to continue it, then you know you’ve chosen wisely….Read more


…Friends are there to encourage and inspire you. They should not persuade you to be unethical or place harsh judgments on you or those you love. If unsolicited comments are coming your way, stay focused, listen, and remind your friend of the boundaries in your relationship. You can’t expect everyone to get along all of the time, and everyone will have strong feelings that they want to share, but you should have some basic limits on what is acceptable in your friendships, and what is not. If you’re positive about your friendships, and choose friends with a similar attitude, then everything will work out fine…

To read more on this subject, dating, relationships, family and friends, check out my book, Loving with Purpose.

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