“I am a love advice columnist who doesn’t…

…have love all figured out.” ~ Loving with Purpose

“When we take the time to realize our own deficiencies, then we can grow.”

In fact, I knew that going into the process of writing. I knew I would need to grow more ‘in’ the process of writing…and I have. Since I’ve always had an interest in why things happen, and I’ve had pen in hand throughout my life, the knowledge of what I needed to say came quite easy for me.

Still, I do not, nor does anyone else, have all the answers when it comes to love. If I did, then everyone would come with their very own instruction manual. No two people are the same, so to say, “this is what works for you” only means that “this is what can work for you.”

The best anyone can offer you is advice; from people who have learned from their mistakes, their triumphs, and/or from what they learned in schools and other interactions. They either learned what they know through books, interactions, or life…or all of the above. One thing is for certain, what it takes to have a good self-esteem, a good relationship, and a good life comes from experience.

With that said, there is a lot of advice out there on the market…some good, some bad. I can say to you with great pride that Loving with Purpose is good advice. Each chapter offers its own reflection into various aspects of you: yourself, your dating or marital relationships, your children, and many of the issues that you come across in life. Loving with Purpose is a guide that helps you manage and change your life into what you really want.

Take a look at yourself and those relationships that mean so much to you. Pick up a copy today at your local fine store or through Amazon or Smashwords. Whether you like the turn of a page or a click to your reading device, you can find Loving with Purpose in paperback and electronic format. Give it a try…and thanks.

Kimberly Mitchell


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