“They say perception is reality, and I believe that to be true; however,…

what you think you know, may not necessarily be what you should know.” ~ Loving with Purpose

You may think you know your past, what happened in your childhood, but do you really?

It may be well worth the visit to grandma’s house to see if your thoughts about yester-years are accurate. You might be completely surprised at what your perception was of the situation or the family dynamics!…I know that as I’ve researched my own past, I’ve been taken by surprise…over and over again. Makes you wonder…”Where was I?”


I think it’s better to know the truth, than to live life, and share memories with your own children, that are inaccurate and untrue. Come to think of it, does grandma really know the truth, or will she even share??? Hmmmm…food for thought.

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