Dropping Surprises in Relationships

Quote: “It’s not what civilized, educated, decent people do…they don’t drop bombs on each other.” ~ Ted Turner

Take this quote and consider the meaning in other aspects of life…other than war.

When you choose to treat someone with disrespect, betray them, or offer any other behavior other than one of kindness and honesty, look to see if this quote applies to you. Are you being open and honest with someone you care about? Are you respectful of their rights? Do you take your frustrations out unfairly on someone who cares about you? Worse yet, are you dropping a bomb on your relationship by now showing your true self; one which offers criticism or abuse?

Obviously, life does bring sorrowful surprises at times; an argument ensues, a family member becomes ill, and other unfortunate moments that occur. It’s good to know that there are some choices we have control over…and the idea that we can reduce some of the inevitable bombs that come our way is reassuring.

One of which is how we treat each other.

Aside from the fact that it’s just not nice to toy with someone’s emotions, showing yourself in the best light possible is always the best option. To be a good ‘relationship’ person means that just because someone doesn’t agree with you on a topic or situation, or just because you have two very different reasons for your actions; not to mention, you want what you want, that does not give you the right to continue with your plan of action or mistreatment; especially if you know that you’re not playing by the rules of that particular relationship.

Know this…there’s a time to be right, a time for compromise, and a time for more discussion on matters of the heart. When you remind yourself of that fact, you remain fair and honorable.

Be a civilized, educated, decent human being; respect the rights of others. Not only do you walk away portraying yourself as a good person; your character grows stronger and wiser. You owe it to those who come in contact with you…especially those who love and care about you.

If you are the one being treated unfairly, find it in yourself to create an environment where you are safe, confident, and sure. You owe it to yourself.

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