Let’s hear it for the boys…..

So often we don’t take the time to share a compliment with one another. We know to give thanks on Thanksgiving, but there are 364 other days that we might take for granted. So here is your chance!

I want to hear about the guys who participated in the holiday celebration this year in some way. Here’s to the guys who were understanding, patient, or helpful around the house. Let’s hand it to those who took it upon themselves to do some of the gift or grocery shopping, wrapped some presents, or cleaned up from the holiday cheer. Perhaps your fellas were the ones who put up the tree, added some lights, and dressed it all with ornaments. Let’s even take a moment to share our compliments for the men in our lives who may not have necessarily gone above and beyond, but they definitely did their part. It all matters.


Tell what your mate did to make your holiday a little brighter….

January 3rd, 2012…

Anyone????? Okay, I’ll start. My husband did the grocery shopping (long list) twice, put all the groceries away (usual), helped with cleaning (a little) for three different events in the last month, brought up the tree and its tinsel, set up downstairs to be a family room (or as he likes to call it “man cave”), offered peeps their drinks, took out all the garbage, aaaaannnndddd…that’s all I can think of right now. 🙂

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