My Christmas Wish List

When I think about what I want for Christmas, I’m left with a very short list. There is little that comes to mind when thinking about the items under the tree. Sure, getting a kitchen item or a new lens for my camera would be great, but for me, Christmas finally means so much more than what it used to.

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I’m certain that when I was young, Santa Claus was my number one reason for enjoying the holiday. The chance that we might see him and his reindeer flying above on our way to the store with Grandpa every year; not to mention, all the gifts that he left behind, while we were gone.

Through the years, after becoming a mother, Christmas turned from a time where I thought about myself, to my priority being about bringing joy to all the little ones who joined the family. Still, it was a time of celebration with family and friends, along with the exchange of gifts and gab.

As I grew older, and although I always knew, I realized that Christmas meant something much greater than gifts and get-togethers…it was someone’s birthday; something sacred and beautiful happened on this day. If this lesson was taught at a very young age, more people might not get so depressed during the holiday season, because the reason of celebration would be focused more on Him rather than us.

Now, as I look back through time, I see what was truly important all those years. I see that I’m just one who is invited to this celebration; it is not mine to give or have. I should not be mourning the loss of those loved ones who left before me, not on this day. There are 364 other days to miss my sister, mother, grandparents, and friends. I should be looking for the real meaning of Christmas on this day. As hard as it will be, I will spend some time on the eve of Christmas to remember all the wonderful people who made all of my holidays special, so that on Christmas I can put my energy toward Jesus.

And so, of course, we should be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas day. In those moments, as He would want us to, we should be spending quality, caring time with Him and our loved ones. It will be during the time when we are grateful that He gave us life, and He gave us one another, that we will find the most happiness this holiday season.

With that said, here is what I want most for Christmas:

 Trust  Genuine (real) people  Compassion
 Joy  Honesty  Good conversation
 More hugs and kisses  Awakening to what is real and true  Open communication
 Respect  Ability to give more of myself  Personal success
 Kindness  Accountability  Passion
 Giving  Receiving  Caring
  Hope  Love  Open heart

Whatever your holiday celebration, I wish you well, and I hope each and every one of you get what you most desire this holiday season.

Kimberly Mitchell

Author of Loving with Purpose

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