“Hurt people end up hurting people.” ~ Oprah

As someone pointed out when they commented to this post…

Only if they let themselves.

5 responses to ““Hurt people end up hurting people.” ~ Oprah

    • Thanks for responding. I do appreciate your feedback. I think we see things the same, just saying them differently. I want people who have been betrayed to recognize how they can hurt others, if their not careful. Being self-aware is key to change. It sounds to me like you are very self-aware. That’s where it all starts….seeing how you mold those little ones for the future. All the best to you and I’ll look for your posts.

  1. ohh.. I also should have been more clear! I did not mean to offend or hurt, and I know many others that share your outlook. I just feel that while hurt people definitely have the capacity to hold onto that hurt and use it against others, they also have SO much more ability to realise that hurting others is dangerous and destructive, and they CAN do something to change the cycle. I myself have been hurt as a daughter, and I am trying to hard not to repeat the process with my son. And I think I’m doing a pretty good job! You’ve inspired me, I may blog about this very issue next!

    Thanks for voicing the debate.


    • Thanks for commenting. I always appreciate when someone gives their opinion, either agreeable or not.

      I do agree with you, in that it’s a blanket statement…hurt people hurt people. It is depressing to think that it has to be that way. As we know, it doesn’t, but I believe it to be true that there are many who walk around wounded in some way, taking their bitterness or pain out on others.

      My quest was not to say that it ‘has’ to be that way; only that we need to be aware of ourselves. Are we hurting someone because we are ourselves hurting?

      Thank you for reminding me to be clear in my posts. Your words were a bit painful, but I found the teaching in the moment.


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