Giving Thanks in a Troubled World

You only have to turn on your radio or television to see how horrible life circumstances have gotten for many. Between the government, big business, and troubled individuals, everyone is feeling the strain somewhere in their life. For a lot of people today, the amount of bad state of affairs is overwhelming to say the least.

As we approach the holiday season, many folks are wondering how they will muster up enough will to show good will this year. People are losing their jobs, homes, and families; how will their gratitude ever be able to shine through?

The best that any of us can do is try. Try to find that silver-lined cloud that has, if nothing else, hope attached to its future. Hope that tomorrow brings a brighter future and hope that any present woes come to pass quickly.

In the words of the spiritual teacher and author of Broken Open, Elizabeth Lesser, we need to focus on three tasks per day:

  • Find ten things to be grateful for every single day.
  • Make it your business to learn something new about something or someone, and
  • Do something for someone less fortunate than you.

Just as with anything else we try to accomplish in everyday life; exercising, eating right, or getting to the details of the day that are less appealing, we need to take the time to work on ourselves. We need to create a habit.

Find at least one minute a day to reflect quietly. Quiet your mind and find yourself within. Sit or lay with your arms to your side and your legs uncrossed. With an open frame, you are better equipped to take the good energy in with each deep breath. Once a habit gets established, increase the time from one minute to five, then ten, and so on. You come out better equipped to handle the pressures of the day and more able to see all the people and situations you should be grateful for; filtering the good from the bad.

Take the time this holiday season to find the good in all that you can. Do your best to bring good to people and situations by reaching for that silver-lined cloud.

Happy Holidays!

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