A Child’s Lesson on Death

One Way Farm – Child of the Month

There are times when the children of One Way Farm Children’s Home have to go through a death of someone they know. Usually, it is the death of a grandparent who loved them unconditionally.

When this call comes, I take the child somewhere to talk, so I can explain what has happened. I tell them that I’ll go to the funeral and stay with them.

When I arrive at the funeral, I request the largest basket of flowers for the child. 

On the way back to the shelter, I explain that each day they should remove a wilted flower from the basket until all the flowers are gone. I say, “This will be your mourning time and you have a basket as a reminder of the love you shared.” 

I talk, in hopes that I help the child who cries.  I look over and if the child has fallen asleep, I place a single rose in their hand. 

Life begins again for them.

Barbara Condo – Owner and Operator of One Way Farm Children’s Home


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