Breathe New Life into You

Every single day we wake up and determine what we need (or want) to do on that given day. Perhaps we already have plans or responsibilities. Maybe we are one of the lucky ones who have the opportunity to decide day by day…in the moment. Either way, while making your decision for the day, do you base that decision on what you have to do, what will make your day go well, or only on how you feel in the moment? Being able to decide how your day begins, determines how it ends…and the rewards are endless.

Obviously, people have obligations that demand their attention. It’s in ‘how’ they take on those responsibilities that matter the most. For instance, you have a job that requires you wake up every day at 6:00 am. You’re not a morning person, so you stumble out of bed with a grim look at what today has in store. You don’t want to feel this way, and you know in an hour or two your spirits will begin to perk up, but your head still hangs low for a time. Then again, maybe you love the idea of ‘early to bed and early to rise’ so 6:00 am is just the right time, but the place you must go to is less than satisfying. The situation can make for a lot of hard work to get in a good place; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

Here’s one option to change the way you look at your day:  “Tomorrow you have the potential to be homeless, helpless, or gone.” With those options available for tomorrow, wouldn’t it be best to make the most out of your day? It’s true, you know. You could be in worse shape by tomorrow. Just take a look at those around you…or worse yet…think about those who are now gone from your life because of the economy pushing them down, unfortunate accidents, irreplaceable actions, and dreadful disease. Start being grateful now…right now. 

“No one ever said life was fair.” Parents used to tell their children that when they didn’t get what they wanted and had to do without. Although we survived without some of those things, many of us still didn’t learn to live like there’s no tomorrow. Hopefully, with wisdom and experience, we do look around us and see the heaviness of life, and realize why our parents and grandparents felt the way they did; probably the depression, war, and other changes to the world had a lot to do with it.

And so we continue on the path of worry, anger, agitation, or upset about the world around us. Hitting a ‘low point’ on occasion is very easy to do. Just look! The world is not the same as it was years ago. People are not the same. Times have changed…some for the good and some not so good.

Someone once told me that I ‘need to learn to care less.’ NOT care a less, but care less. It took a long time for me to understand what that meant. It has nothing to do with not loving the people who care about you; however, it is about giving up the ideals in your head of what should be. It’s about learning to ‘let go’ of what troubles you and start living as the day unfolds.

There are a couple of things that happen with caring less. First, you stop fretting over what isn’t working in your life by focusing your efforts elsewhere, and secondly, if you’re not getting what you want in a particular situation or relationship, it generally turns around to greet you, more on your terms. Why? Because it wasn’t forced; you stepped back and allowed the moment to unfold…just like your day.

So remind yourself each morning: Tomorrow you could be homeless, helpless, or gone. Be grateful for what you have in the moment; then, go start your day with high expectations. Tell yourself, “It’s going to be a good day!”

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