To Live and Love with Intention

It can be a bit peculiar to live and love with intention on a regular basis? We get there some of the time, but still, we habitually withdrawal from the delicacies of life. Those delicate moments where we have the choice to see the beauty of a situation, with beautiful backgrounds, or we choose to routinely run through the hours with little thought to our blessings; hoping that someday we
will learn to “live in the moment.”   

When you live with intent, you allow yourself to get much closer to the beautiful opportunities everyday. Of course, those glorious times are not accomplished without work. Oh, no! You’re not allowed to sit back and just watch life go by; you have to participate. Each time you choose to genuinely partake, your days get a little bit brighter.

Your interactions might not be a day at the track each and every time you intentionally pay attention, but you are happy…and productive. At the end of the day, you can go to sleep knowing that you gave it your all. You are living in the moment!

For that reason alone, you will have good moments and memories; even when they are not the best of times.

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