Top 5 Reasons Why Relating in Relationships can be Difficult

If you have a relationship with someone, you are bound to have issues. Some are trivial and discarded easily, while other issues can mark into your being, giving change to how you interact with certain connections. For the most part, if a relationship is important to you, the communication barriers that occur can be overcome; helping you find a way to excel toward the future.

If you’re struggling within your relationship, here are a few items that should be considered as to why the conflicts are happening in the first place:

  • For starters, relationships can be tough because sometimes we come at them with our own agenda. We forget to consider the other person’s point-of-view…at least in the moment.
  • With that being said, we can be uncompromising. We want what we want when we want it. Sure, everyone would like to have all their heart desires fulfilled, but that is not reality. No one gets everything they want; even those who are rich have to do without some things (or people) they would like to have in their life.
  • We are not the same people. We are different in the way we think, feel, and live. Don’t expect someone to react the way you want them to. They don’t have to…and they probably won’t.
  • We have a past. The way we handle situations and relationships can be quite diverse because we grew up differently. What played out in one person’s life won’t be the same as the other. How someone was raised can be worlds apart; therefore our expectations of each other become the issue.
  • We have a belief system. During any discussion we can either agree or disagree, depending on the range of topics we are talking about. Once again, being open-minded about another person’s point-of-view is helpful to the discussion.

When all is said and done, the troubles encountered in a relationship need to be weighed. It takes two to make a relationship work. Take the time to consider the other person’s feelings and opinions. Learn to compromise, when appropriate and/or necessary. Realize that everyone is not like you, which is what makes life interesting. Know that each person has had a past unlike yours. Hardships may have altered how someone feels or acts, beliefs may have been instilled in a person’s character throughout their childhood, and remember, you are not always right. Sometimes, when you take the time to listen to another person’s viewpoint, you may learn something new or even a better option to the issue.

Thus, making adjustments comes with time and patience. Respecting one another through the process will make those changes easier and more probable.


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