Giving a Helping Hand to a Hand in Need

Recently, some of the books I ordered came to me with printing issues on the cover. I was devastated because I knew I couldn’t sell them, nor could they be given away without covers on them. For me, this was a real waste of good material. Since I never throw anything away, I wanted to see what I could do to make these books presentable to someone who could use some good relationship advice. After all, the content was still there so why throw them away! 

I knew my passion was to help young women in trouble, but who? Who could I give these books to and who would want them? So I waited and waited until I knew in my heart who I wanted to help; who pulled at my heart strings? Not to mention, I still need to figure out how I was going to fix the covers and at what cost.

Barb Condo, Director of One Way Farm

Thanks to the help of someone I met through my journey of writing, Doug Heatherly, owner of Lighthouse for Leaders, I was able to reprint the covers and donate my books to a couple local organizations. He offered his help getting my covers to the right size so I could take them to the local Office Depot for printing. I learned which glue to use, cut them to the size I needed, and carefully placed the covers onto the once-binded pages. Whew! Now that was a first for me.

What I love so much about this whole process was how each organization came to me at the right time. I met the exact person at the exact time I needed to in order to fulfill my dream, to help someone. My hope was that at the same time my gift would offer them some assistance to those they are working so hard to help. Now, these two organizations are part of my heart’s desire to learn more about them. What else can I/should I be doing?

In time, I will learn my purpose for meeting these particular women. Until then, for more information on the work that they do, here are their websites:

One Way Farm Children’s Home in Fairfield, Ohio

Dove House in Hamilton, Ohio

I’m anxiously waiting to hear what some of the young women think about my book; hoping they receive the helpful advice I so wish for them.


To read more on dating, relationships, family and friends, check out my book, Loving with Purpose.

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