Where Is My Valentine?

Okay, so you’re still waiting for that trinket item to show up…and maybe even the guy who is attached to it. What do you do? How do you feel? Is this the longest day ever! Maybe you don’t even care about Valentine’s Day and you’re ready for all the hype of the day to move on.


Regardless if you’re the type of girl who does care about Valentine’s Day, or you just want everyone to just shut up about it, there are clues to a happy day or evening.

You take care of you…plain and simple.

First and foremost, get out of any negative mood about the day and what you expected from it. Then, gift yourself! Treat yourself to a little shopping trip for that great new outfit or special treat, or step out to an evening with gal- or guy-pals who just want to have a little fun. If you really want to push back on all the drama of being someone’s Valentine, get all dressed up, make a reservation at a fancy restaurant, and take yourself out to a nice dinner. On an ending note, no one ever said you couldn’t stay home, curl up with a nice book, and relax. Do what makes you feel great.

No matter what you get for Valentine’s Day, you can’t forget to gift yourself. Tomorrow is a new day and today will…well….be over. You are as worthy of good will today as you will be tomorrow, so go on…..GIFT yourself.


If you need a book idea, you can check out my book, Loving with Purpose or you can read more here at the Loving with Purpose website.



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