School Kids Learn Dating Skills: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Today, while meeting with Maggie Estes, a leader of the YWCA in Hamilton, Ohio,  I donated some of my books to the women in the shelter (The Dove House). I’m very anxious to hear some feedback from her about what they’ve read.

While meeting with Maggie, I learned about a program the YWCA introduced to various schools in the local area about a year ago. The program/group meetings are geared toward helping young students talk and learn more about dating and the abuse that can happen during the dating and relationship process.

With the guidance of school counselors, the children involved are chosen based on whether they may need some help. Since the counselors know more about the students through previous discussions and events, their input would be very helpful to knowing how to help. The more they know about each child, the better chance they have of helping them.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that in only one short year the number of classes, and schools, are increasing at a good rate. Their goal is to talk to kids at an earlier age, in hopes of stopping some of the abuse that happens today. With any luck, this program can stop some of the abuse before it even begins.

I look forward to hearing more about the program and how I can get involved in the future. Also, I hope that my books offer the women, and students, insight into their own self-worth. I look for ways every day to help young people realize that being treated well–with kindness and respect–is something that should always be expected.

God bless each one of them.

For more information about YWCA, check out their website at

To read more of my writing, you can check out my book, Loving with Purpose.

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