Tell Her About It: Share Relationship and Dating Blunders and Bests

Tell Her About It is a place to share your wisdom about love, dating, and relationship matters. I’m looking for you to share some of your dating and relationship blunders and bests with the rest of us. This is a good place to ask questions about relationships, too. You can get answers from someone who has been there, done that.

So come on then….let’s help a girl out!

Perhaps your story will make another woman stop from asking the age-old question:

  • Should I be putting up with this behavior?
  • Do other women get treated this way?
  • Am I expecting too much or too little in my relationship?
  • Is this normal guy-stuff and I need to learn to deal with it, or should I be putting my foot down?
  • He was thirty minutes late the past two dates. What should I do?

Just think…you could actually be helping another woman make better choices because she sees that you get more out of your personal relationship. Plus, you could be giving great advice that makes the next woman reach for higher standards, expectations, and goals. They may say “I want that!” If nothing else, you could share a funny story and give everyone a good laugh; while helping someone realize they aren’t alone when it comes to an embarrassing moment or some other blunder.

Listen, we’ve all had our share of good and bad when it comes to relationships. I hope you will join in and help someone learn from your experience.  As you know, the best experience is personal experience, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop someone from making the same mistakes we did.

So what are you waiting for? This is anonymous so no worries about sharing your email, or even your name if you don’t want to. This is about giving back to someone else. Please help me help others. Hit the Leave a Comment link or button below…and Thanks for your support!!!

Leave a Comment – Tell your blunder or best dating or relationship story OR ask a question. You might be surprised what you get back.


8 responses to “Tell Her About It: Share Relationship and Dating Blunders and Bests

  1. I have met a man that I believe could be a lasting relationship, BUT…one of the few things I can find that raises my brow is sometimes his breath makes me want to keep a lil distance.
    How can/will I go about presenting this concern to him?

    • You do have a difficult circumstance, don’t you? I’ve done some searching and came up with a few ideas. Since my answer got lengthy, I decided to create an article to hold your answer.

      Good luck to you. If you end up finding a solution that works, I’d love to hear how it went for you.

      Here’s how the article starts…

      What do we do about bad breath? What can we say to someone about their bad breath? It’s a sticky…and stinky…situation for both parties concerned. Here are a few options I know of that you could use to help the situation.

      First, you can be direct or indirect in your approach, depending on how close you are and how comfortable you feel….Read more>>>

  2. I was wondering if you have any advise for me and my relationship woes. I don’t have problems finding a man, any new man I date wants to be in a relationship w/me, but it is me who always breaks it off in less than 2 mo. Seems I am having a hard time letting someone in. grrrrrrrrr

    • I will tell you what worked for me.

      I would meet someone and found I really liked them. Everything they did was just fine with me….until. Without any good reason, I would start finding issue with the little things he did. If he had a flaw, I certainly would poke around until I found it. Then I would focus on that flaw until I drove all feeling out of the relationship–he was too nice, not big enough, or not strong-willed enough. He hadn’t changed; my thoughts about him did. I thought more and more about his little tendency until I lost total interest. Then I learned a technique that saved me from doing the same thing to the man I am now married to. I started to, but this technique stopped me before I got too far.

      Each and every time my mind would go off on its own, I would bring it back by saying a simple prayer or phrase. I was amazed that repeating something three times got me off that negative track and onto an entirely different focus. The rest of the story is in my book, but try it and see what happens. Say something like “Dear Jesus, please keep my mind at peace” or “I need to work harder on being the best person I can be.”

      I know it sounds odd, but it works. I almost gave up my husband by focusing on the negative and today I’m so glad I didn’t.

      Also, you could use the Standards and Expectations Table I have in Chapter 1 to make a list of the qualities you want in a guy. Some qualities you can make happen, too.

      Hope that helps and I hope he’s the one!

  3. Been chipping a way at my man’s hard heart and it has been a battle.. but slowly but surely it is working .. I have had to learn patience.. thanks to Kim she is an inspiration to us all …

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