What Women Really Want For Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Throughout the Year


Do men really know what women want…for a holiday, an event, or even in life? Do women really know what they want? Actually, the response takes on many different forms and answers depending on what we are talking about. When we talk about relationships and love, the answers are certainly very unique to each individual…and to each couple.

For many women, the question of “What is it that I want out of love and life?” can be mind-boggling. Are you a material girl or a gal with very traditional values? Maybe you’re a business woman looking for her equal in every sense of the word. Any or all of your qualities and expectations are yours for the getting…if you know what you want.

As for the man in your life, he can read up on the challenges and considerations that are surrounding his lady by taking a look inside Loving with Purpose…from a woman’s point of view.

Daughter, grand-daughter, sister, or friend….whoever needs a bit of encouragement to get what they want from their relationship, they can benefit from my guide to what women really want. Help a friend, a daughter, or yourself by giving the gift that gives back. You will be happy knowing you shared good advice to someone dear to your heart. They will find ways to change what isn’t working and enhance the things that are working for them.

Throughout the book, I share in a friendly, girlfriend-type of way, because we’ve all been there before and getting some advice on how to guide a relationship or situation never hurt anyone. In fact, it helps…and it helps to get to a better place faster than those before us.

You can find my book in paperwork or ebook version by clicking here.

Happy Holidays, Happy Days, and God bless!

Kimberly Mitchell

Author of Loving with Purpose

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