Ebook for Loving with Purpose

The day has finally come…Loving with Purpose is now available in Ebook format, too!

I was so happy the day my book made its way to paperback, and now it’s available to those virtual readers who love a good book…just electronically. From Kindle to iPad to some of the other electronic readers out there today, Loving with Purpose is ready and waiting for you!

So take a moment and check out the first 15% of my book by going to Smashwords and asking for a free sample. If you like, continue reading by downloading the whole book for just $6.99.

BOOK DETAILS———Have you ever wished that you could do just one thing to make a positive impact on your relationship? Have you ever wanted to start dating the right type of guy; one who offers you respect and joy? How would you like to make more of an impact than you imagined–and not only with continuous improvements in all of your relationships, but in yourself, too? Whether you are single, married, dating, or divorced, Loving with Purpose is your guide to practical advice on relationships. After all, just because you’re married, that doesn’t mean the dating ritual is over.

Become more aware of the message you are conveying and how you are creating your choices and results. Build a solid foundation and breathe new life and respect into your connections by challenging what you know to be true about relationships. Start defining your love the way you want it to be, by readjusting your priorities and creating a new standard for your life. Tap into your feelings about religion, finances, discrimination, and other touchy topics that need to be addressed. You have the power to change the outcome of any or all of your relationships by becoming more self-aware–by becoming a purposeful person.

You can even go directly to a specific chapter for information that you need at a particular point in time–when life hands you a challenge. One thing is for certain, you will walk away knowing and embracing the fact that you are worthy of love, respect, and whatever it is that makes you happy.

The first 15% of my book is available at Smashwords…just ask for a free sample. If you like, continue reading by downloading the entire book for just $6.99.

Happy reading!

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