Package the Holidays with Spirit

Question: Do you know of one or two good local business shops (small business; franchise) that offer a large variety of items?

  • Preferably a store for kids and adults.
  • Also, a shop that offers a fair price for their items.

If you know of a store like this; giving good deals and wide choices, consider the following:

What would you say about the proposal of doing all (or at least some) of your Holiday shopping list this year at just a couple local small business stores: for your kids, your grandkids. Heck, why not add grandparents and cousins to the mix, too!

Pick a date that works for as many family members as possible and take them to the store of your choosing.  You can schedule it for just a few days before the big event or weeks ahead of time. The choice is yours. Offer them a gift certificate or coupon for the amount you want to spend on them. Tell them they can pick out whatever they want and that this will be what they get for the holiday. You can give them the gifts right then, or tell them that they will have to wait to open them until the day. Again, the choice is yours.

Of course, the stores aren’t going to have exactly what everyone wants. That’s why you have a backup of local stores. This holiday is not necessarily about getting exactly what’s on Tommy’s list this year. Sure we want to please Tommy, but we will be helping him even more by allowing him to experience the pride which comes from doing the right thing. And what else does he get? He gets to spend a little more time with his family…doing something fun and different…and he gets gifts!

His good work could actually save a local business from demise this holiday season.  Not only do you get your shopping trip made easy, you and your family experience the pride of doing what is right.

Anyway, it sounds like a good idea to me. I may try to pull something together with my own family. I actually think this is a good option to consider as a new trend for the future.

If you have suggestions of local businesses in the area, please share.  I think everyone would like to try and help their community.

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