Testimonials of Loving with Purpose readers

Please share your thoughts about my book and website, Loving with Purpose. I love hearing what you have to say. Just click on the Comment link below.

Word of mouth and Testimonials are the nicest ways to buy a book--feedback before you begin


Here’s the first one:

“Loving with Purpose offers valuable information for everyone on how to build better personal relationships. The book reads like a manual and gives good examples on how to continually improve upon relationships. The book allows readers to go directly to a specific chapter whose information may be needed more so than others at a particular point in time. Each chapter offers new ideas and examples that help the reader make good decisions when facing problems or situations that are perplexing.”—Dan Basham, Husband and Father 

Now, if you have read all or part of Loving with Purpose and you have thoughts to share, please do…and happy reading!


PS – You can also leave a review on Amazon. Your input is greatly appreciated.

One response to “Testimonials of Loving with Purpose readers

  1. Kim, I’m so enjoying the book…only on page 40 but I can so relate to it. A few times I was like…that is and was my life. So glad I got it. I’m getting one for my D-in-law as part of her Christmas gift. Thank you so much. Looking forward to book signing.

    I’ve started talking to my man more to make sure things are good, ’cause it gets a little crazy around here some days. He is a little guarded with feelings, and I’m not, so he says”What’s going on?.” I told him the book has enlightened me on a few things, so I think he liked the extra attention!!!!

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