Bullying a child–STOP it by giving your best advice or sharing your story

Kids everywhere are being bullied by their school mates and other peers who find something ‘different’ about them. They may be too tall, too short, overweight, underweight, the wrong hair color, less fashionable, gay, from the wrong neighborhood, or for any number of reasons.


With Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and all the other social sites, kids who bully others are given a much broader audience to ridicule a helpful child. Bullies and victims have been around for a long, long time, but now, more than ever before, they are taking their own lives because of it.

Make a difference….take a moment and give your best advice to a child who is being bullied by their peers OR share your story of a time when you were bullied. You could save a life.

I created a group on Facebook. Please take a moment and consider how you can help.

Bullying a child–STOP it by giving your best advice or sharing your story

2 responses to “Bullying a child–STOP it by giving your best advice or sharing your story

  1. I was bullied while I was in elementary school, and here are the lessons I gained from the experience:

    1) Bullying among children will never be stopped as long as adults engage in and profit from it.

    2) A mechanism needs to be created in schools that allows bullies to be identified privately (and accurately) and given effective treatment/intervention.

    3) Ignorance has always been a part of the problem: parents and people in general need to be better informed about the damage that coercion and humiliation inflict on the victim. Conversely, people should better understand the benefits that respect & true membership in a community bring.

    Your book sounds like a great resource. Good luck! RT

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