Taking a Personal Day


As you go through that list of all the things you have to accomplish, do you stop at the end of the day and realize that you just gave away all of you to work (again) and left nothing for play? Did you take those last-minute moments and try to shove in the time you should have spent with the people who mean the most?

At the end of the day you are probably tired. You worked all day, getting most of what you needed done, only to find that you are exhausted and you didn’t take any time to connect with anyone outside of work.

When you are scheduling all the responsibilities in your day, make sure you block out a piece of that time to connect with someone outside of your work environment. You may not be able to get together at that very moment, but you can make a date to do so. When you get home, make it a point, every day, to spend the first hour or two just talking to those nearest to you; your mate, your kids, your parents and siblings. Meet a friend for lunch, show up at your child’s school with pizza or cupcakes, or take your mate on a date. There are tons of ideas that you can come up with to show your gratitude for those you love.

The reason you make a connection is to show that someone special that they are special. You don’t want to grab your phone each time it rings while you are reconnecting with them. Doing so is rude and disrespectful. Obviously, all of us have circumstances that don’t make for a perfect environment every time, but the norm should always be to think about the situation before you pick up that phone. If you are with someone for an hour, that call can probably wait; however, if you are spending a day with them, you may need to excuse yourself now and then. You know if you are being polite so you make the call.

As a reminder: when you reach the end of your life you won’t be sorry that you didn’t work more hours or got more successful—reaching the top of your game. You will, however, be sorry that you didn’t spend quality time with your loved ones; your family and friends. Don’t wait until the end of the day to schedule some time to be with those you care about the most. They may not be there the next time you have the time.


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