The Gift of a Child—Next Generation

When a child comes into your life, whether by blood, blending, or otherwise, you have feelings of commitment, concerns, and, of course, love. You watch them grow, stumble, and succeed as they move forward in life. As the days roll on, you start to wonder who they will become and what they will bring to the world at large. At times, you probably wonder if you are doing a good job in your parenting role, or if the time has come when you need to make some adjustments. Sure, the journey will have its ups and downs, but the challenges and offerings they give to you cannot be found in any other source. They are your unique gift.

Once that child becomes an adult, they might decide the time has come to repeat the whole process. This is when you receive the ultimate gift from them—a new grandchild. The addition brings about change like no other you have experienced before. Change comes to the child you have watched grow up all those years, and change happens in you as you ponder over your past, your future, and the world.

As you watch over the next generation being formed, your entire outlook on life goes through a transformation. You see everything and everyone in a new light. If you haven’t already, you start to recognize where you could have done some things differently in your own job of parenting. You learn new ideas and techniques on how to raise a child that are vastly different since when you evolved through parenthood. Still, what you saw in the past, and what you see in today, now has a gateway toward a better future.

Be inspired to look forward at your new beginning—you have just been blessed with one of God’s true miracles and you can anticipate a brighter future with this new bundle of joy. Whether your grandchild comes from your own flesh and blood, as an addition through marriage, or simply a close personal relationship, each of these relationships has its own unique and special gift.

The day that some little person reaches out and calls you “Nana,” “Papa,” or whatever title that has been placed upon you, your life will change. Your existence just became more significant than it has ever been before. Yes, being a parent is vital—even more important in almost every case—but being a grandparent gives you the feeling that life has just went full circle and you are a better person because of it.


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