Judging a Book By Its Cover

Many people don’t find dating easy. In fact, most would say that dating can be quite frustrating to say the least. You aim to make good choices in a mate, but in the beginning you have very little to go on.

Stop and think about how you judge people on their appearance. All of us have been judgmental at one time or another. Pay attention to those first few seconds when you encounter someone new. You might be surprised to find that a person’s appearance tells you very little about who they are and what they have been through. In fact, there are many of biker dudes, with tattoos and long hair, who are gentle giants and then there are successful businessmen, in their fresh pressed suits and fancy cars, who are vicious takers. Anyone can make a presentable appearance, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the person has good breeding.

To find out if someone is a good person you need to know their true character. You can evaluate only so much by first impressions; unless, of course, someone is a real jerk right from the get go. Then again, some people are very good with first impressions so take some time to get to know new acquaintances.

When you meet someone new, consider if they meet your expectations of a good person and then go on that date. If he or she doesn’t turn out to be so good after all, you can reassess your first impression. If you find there is something good in the person you’re relating to, continue to assess the situation.

First, consider how this potential partner treats you?  Are they respectful, kind, and considerate to you and others? Do they have a job, live on their own, or have a past to consider? What are their best qualities—as you see it?

You never will know if someone is right for you unless you give it some time. Staying focused on what you truly want in a mate will determine whether or not there is a future with the two of you.

To stand out amongst the rest, you must take care of yourself; first and foremost. Then find it in yourself to always do the right thing by waiting to judge someone. No one is perfect all of the time so there will be flaws that come up—in you and in the other person. The question is: are the flaws something you can live with or not? Only you know the answer. Only you know what you want in a mate. Although the person you are reaching for may not be right for someone else, they may be just right for you.


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