Valuing YOU

When you think about how you are treated by other people, are you disappointed, content, or satisfied with that treatment? Do you feel appreciated, respected, or loved? Depending on who you are talking about, the answer can range from good to bad.

The trouble with being treated bad by anyone is that it can be contagious. When you don’t demand respect and kindness from those you deal with, the problem grows—either through how they continue to care for you or how others begin to act toward you.

In most cases, when it comes to how you are being treated, people usually will behave only in the way you allow them to. If you require someone to be respectful toward you, they will either demonstrate that behavior or they won’t be permitted to interact with you. However, when disrespectful, ungrateful, or unloving dealings are allowed to continue, the situation will undoubtedly get worse, either with a particular person or in general. If you don’t stand up for yourself, that low self-worth you feel will radiate from within and pollute your other connections.

We’ve all heard the expression about how we must love ourselves in order for anyone else to love us. Of course, there are some people who will usually love us unconditionally—our parents, our children, our mate—but being the product of low self-worth will ultimately damage even those connections in one way or another.

Be strong and courageous enough to look at what you are standing for—then take a stand where you need to. Expect to be handled with care from anyone who connects with you. Your spouse or date, your children, your friends—even acquaintances should treat you right. Demand respect, require appreciation and gratitude, and know that you deserve the best from all your relationships. Know that you are worthy.


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