Dating a Gentleman

Here’s a question for you: Do you think that women enjoy dating a gentleman or is a man showing chivalry an insult to them? I posed this question on my blog,, and got quite a bit of feedback.

What is chivalry? Well, chivalry dates back many centuries and has variations in its definition, most of which began with knighthood—where a certain code of behavior gave a mounted warrior special status in the social system.

Today, chivalry can have different meanings to different people, but generally it’s defined by having good manners, being polite, respectful, loyal, and courteous. Chivalry means a man has honor, he offers assistance to those who need it, and he treats others with a kindness like no other. In some cases, you can think of chivalry as a sort of romantic gesture; whether it be your man or another offering it up. Of course, there are other ways a man can be chivalrous which has no romantic connection to it—simply just part of a code of honor that makes a man a gentleman.

Women’s rights and independence are very important, and being a strong, independent woman does not exclude you from being the beneficiary of chivalry and good deeds. Equality isn’t responsible for the lack of chivalrous acts, and wanting chivalry has nothing to do with weakness. Perhaps you don’t realize that chivalry is just one aspect of a good relationship. Maybe you feel your independence will be threatened somehow—but it doesn’t have to be that way. You have a choice. In fact, it’s just one more way for a woman to be independent. Expecting chivalry has everything to do with being treated with respect, dignity, and kindness.

When you are considering a mate, or even just a date, think about what they can offer you. Dating is the ritual of deciding whether someone fits your needs, as well as, you fitting theirs.

When the choice is made on which type of guy to connect with, be with, or even marry, consider a gentleman. Their respectful mannerisms will complete your circle of happiness in a way like no other. Your self-esteem will be enhanced because you are being treated as you should…like a lady.

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