Do I Know Who I Am & How I Got Here?

As I started thinking about who I was and where I came from, I wondered: What was I like as a child? Where did I come from? Am I who I thought I would be? Did I go through some rough patches in life and that somehow changed the way I interact with people? Do I have standards put in place for myself? 

These are the type of questions we should be asking ourselves. Why? So we know where we started and what we are putting out into the world. So we can clearly see our path, instead of stumbling through life while making decisions, creating new beginnings, and other life experiences. 

Coming in July 2010, readers can take advantage of Loving with Purpose which will be available for purchase at—giving you the answers on how to make better choices for yourself. The book starts out with you and your personal foundation; then expanding into other relationships. Just as a house can’t be built with small sticks, your persona can’t be built on loose or lazy character traits. Once you start creating a good foundation for yourself, the next step is learning how to generate good relationships and handle conflict. 

Look for more information on my blog or my Facebook page as details become available. 

Loving with Purpose will be available at in July, offering you paperback and e-book versions. 

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