Calling All Animal Lovers

Calling animal lovers everywhere!

The LA Mayor was on Fox News tonight. I know nothing about this man except that he believes we should use dogs for the airport issues we’re having today. The dogs would sniff down the isles, and perhaps the luggage area, before take-off.

Imagine how many shelter dogs we could put to work and save their lives. Imagine how many people we could save!

Another plus: Notice how much nicer most people are when they’re around an animal. Maybe we could change the anger and pain some people are feeling inside these days. With so much negative, let’s try to make something positive happen.

I think we’ve had enough of government spending money on more machines and employees. That isn’t working well. Spread the word and maybe the President will hear us.

If you like this idea, consider emailing the president or the mayor. Maybe they will take action.


LA Mayor:

Here’s my email to the mayor:

I’m not part of LA but I just heard you on Fox News and you came up with the best idea we have heard in a long time! Dogs in the airports! What can you do to get this to the president??? Your idea will put dogs in shelters to work, save the cost of more employees, and save lives! With simple ideas like this you can change the world. You will have the support of all animal lovers around the world.

Thank you for some common sense government ideas.


Kim Mitchell

Thank you for taking the time to consider taking action.



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