Great Gift Idea – Help Our Furry Friends

With the holidays upon us you might be trying to figure out where you can help the most. Between all the mail, phone calls and other visitors asking for donations it’s no wonder you get confused on where to offer your hard earned money. Getting creative with the dollar is always good so you get the most bang for your buck.

Phyllis is doing just that. She started using her creative talents to give in a way that wouldn’t cost her a lot of money by adding her time to the process. She started making pillow beds for the sick, injured and surgical patients at a nearby shelter. By using her skills she received the gratification of knowing she was helping poor animals rest in a comfortable bed and because she added her talents the money, and the amount of pets she could help, increased. Like me, she didn’t want to help another kitty or pup get fixed or receive shots. She wanted her donation to be something fun and relaxing.

I bought 3 beds from her about two weeks ago; 2 jumbo and 1 small. I told her my colors and she gave me suggestions. I received them today and they are wonderful! My dogs just love them. Another great feature of her pillow beds is that they can be thrown right in the washing machine. Getting some of those other beds into a washer has always been a chore, not to mention they’re expensive.

For $15-$30 you can bed your own furry little friend. I’m very happy with the quality and the quick delivery. You pick your colors so the bedding matches what you want. You can pick some of your favorite colors, ones that match your decor or those that compliment your pet. You tell her and she heads to the fabric store.

 Here’s how you can contact Phyllis.


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