One Woman’s Guide to Homelessness

~B~ is a woman with great courage.  She has faced personal challenges and is coming through with a brighter light.  The idea of being homeless is very scary to most of us.  Some may choose it, but for the most part I think we want a roof over our heads. 


Read her story to enlighten you to those opportunities that come knocking at our doors.


I suppose I am a typical Orange County girl. Due to multiple factors, I have suddenly and unexpectedly found myself homeless – with a giant, goofy, hungry dog tagging along for the ride!

I am an educated woman with stable employment and residence history. I have never done drugs.  I am not mentally ill. I am a career executive assistant – coherent, opinionated, poised, and capable. If you saw me walking down the street, you wouldn’t assume that I live in a parking lot. In short, I am just like you – except without the convenience of a permanent address.

Read more about how she became homeless here.

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