“If I always do as I’ve always done, I’ll always get what I always got?”

I have pondered over that saying for years. It gives me great encouragement when on the rocky road to somewhere.  Challenges we are faced with make us stronger. This we all know. As anticipation builds, the adrenaline in our bloodstream gets our minds flowing.

As with many coined phrases, “If I always do as I’ve always done …” we see the common sense of it all, but don’t always follow the right path. Perhaps we complain about our situation or lay dormant while life passes us by. Whether it is a relationship, a career change, or those other choices we make in life, we all land somewhere. 

If the idea of making a choice list sounds familiar, it’s because it works. Having the ability to see, on paper, what makes us tick (happily) is to do what they do in business. Make a plan! 

If we take the time to make a goal list, it does two things. Just as in business, it creates a goal…a place to go. How many businesses have you heard do this still today? It must work …that is, of course, if it’s a good business plan. Then as the juices start flowing in our brains, our thoughts begin to pour out into the universe. Now we have the universe working in our favor and everything is as it’s meant to be. Both of which are crucial for obtaining success in life. 

You can make one list or a breakout variety for different topics. In the meantime, start now with a simple piece of paper, writing things down as they come. If you are making plans to go somewhere, you probably won’t have the “…I’ll always get what I’ve always got” syndrome.  

Years ago someone told me to make a list of what I wanted out of a relationship. Simple things like personality, loyalty, trust, appearance, peace. Notice I said peace. Not something I would think to write down, but would sigh it under my breath during times where patience was needed. It’s so important in the grand scheme of things. 

Fifteen years later, I found my list and was surprised how many things I had gotten out of that little record.  It was just a tiny thing.  A list you could carry around in your wallet.  Since the finding of said note, I now have misplaced it.  Ugh!  How is it that someone is trying to tell you that a list is so important, but then says she misplaced her lifeline???  That’s true, but imagine how much more I may have accomplished if I did more homework!

Think about what you want, and deserve; then go after it. Making your list first enhances your ability to get all that you desire. You have a plan! Later, when you look over the inventory you created, you will be amazed at how much you have accomplished. Because you have a list, you have the ability to check things off. What a great feeling!

Fortunately, since we have more knowledge today, there are better ways to determine what you want out of life.  Just as I’m writing this sentence of my first post, I see a vision of what I can offer with my postings.   Now if I have a detailed plan it will go much smoother…for everyone.

My goal is to inspire people and enrich their self-confidence so they take the best of themselves out into the world.  My hope is that people follow me and build their own self worth by taking steps to enhance their life in this very instant.  I want to see palpable change in the way people treat each other and themselves.

If you would like to read more of my writing, please go to Amazon.com and check out Loving with Purpose.

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